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High level information will be provided in Metier. Also all negotiation, advice, suggestion, and providing our services with top level advantage will be take in Metier.

Please join to Metier if you need true solution, for example..., how to inherit your asset to your descendant, how to get the specific license for your business, how to increase your asset more dramatically, how to buy the bank already running on, how to get the permission to stay another country etc...

These information should not be open to the public. Especially the sensitive information, for example some bank want to be sold..., cannot carry on in normal page. These are special informations.
Wingotts can provide these information within the special corner called Metier, with high security.

All information, advice, negotiation, will take place inside of Metier. If you need powerful tools for Offshore and Onshore, please consider to join Metier at first.

1 Please contact us by using our form describe that you want to join Metier.
2 Wingotts will issue the invoice for Metier.
3 Please wire the fee according the invoice.
We always need your passport copy to avoid all fraud and bad intention.
4 Your ID and password for Metier will provide you.
5 Please login to Metier for your future.

The fee for Metier is EUR 600 per year.
If you think this fee is too expensive, or there are no good information, solution, business opportunity and advice, please do hesitate to join Metier. It's waste of the time for you and us.
The fee for Metier will be never refund at any case, for Metier provide too special and real information.

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